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Pysical Security Risk Assessments - An independent evaluation of your present security program. Identification of key assets and security risks, analysis of your existing security procedures and systems, and development of recommendations for cost-effective ways in which security at your facility can be improved.

Internal Investigations- When you suspect one of your employees of misconduct, discretion and attention must be balanced with speed. Whether an employee is jeopardizing the financial, legal, or moral integrity of your organization, our team of investigators (with experience at both the municipal and federal levels) helps you zero in on the root of the issue. DNAs’ Internal Investigations service efficiently provides all the information you need to move forward, relying on a combination of open sources and legal records—and, if necessary, discreet inquiries and interviews.

Security Planning and Management- For your large or small projects, we can be hired as independent security consultants or engineers to create formal design documents and draft a specification set for each security trade. Our Security Managers commonly issue a "Request-for-Proposal" (RFP) when purchasing an electronic security system such as a video surveillance system, access control system, or intrusion alarm system. We select the vendor once the RFP is awarded and project manage the enitre build. Our team knows what is needed for your projects down to the screw. Thorough updates and inspections are reported for each project seeing it to completion.

Corporate Security Management – For as little as 20 hours a month we can act as a contracted security director keeping up with ongoing security, investigative, compliance and safety needs inside all of your facilities

Private Security Consulting


DNA Security is a premier private investigation agency in the Dallas Fort Worth Area providing professional & confidential Private Investigation services to private clients, attorneys, small businesses, and corporations. Our agency is comprised of accomplished, professional private investigators who operate through specialized units to solve the most demanding investigative cases. Our private investigators are continually trained to the highest degree in a wide range of private investigation services. Our Private investigators are experienced former Military, Law Enforcement & Risk Management personnel. Our team of licensed private investigators & private detectives are committed to serving our clients. Our Private Investigators are known for their honor, integrity, and commitment to those who entrust us with their most confidential affairs. We are a full service, private investigation agency offering services from surveillance investigations, corporate investigations, and background investigations. We also offer risk management services, cyber forensic services, locate reports & national background checks.


Security Service and Installations For Over 16 Years

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Bug Sweeps

Audio - Video - Recording Devices

TSCM Sweeps

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

  • Boardroom Sweeps

  • Conference Room Sweeps

  • C-Suite Technical Sweeps

  • Executive Home Office Sweeps

  • Hotel & Off-Site Meeting Sweeps

  • Executive Aircraft Analysis and Sweeps

  • Vulnerability Analysis

  • Risk Assessments

  • Existing Countermeasures Programs

  • Physical Security Processes

  • Compliance to “Set” Standards

  • Benchmarking TSCM Analysis

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Corporate- Internal- Backgrounds- Social Media 

Undercover Investigation: Our investigators can look into employee misconduct such as theft, substance abuse, or harassment by blending in with the company. Investigators will often use covert surveillance as a part of their investigation.
Research Investigation: We can conduct research in order to find out information about companies that you do business with in regards to acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, mergers, private equity and venture capital. We can also perform in-depth employee background checks.
Financial Investigation: Our investigators conduct a financial investigation to discover such crimes as embezzlement, fraud, money laundering and other white collar crimes.
E-Discovery / Electronic Investigation: With e-discovery, our investigators can gather electronically stored information in order to collect necessary evidence. We can also potentially restore lost data.
Corruption Investigation: When we are looking for corruption, we can uncover bribery, illegal foreign exchange, corporate fraud, and industrial espionage to name a few.

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Employee Training- Compliance

Active Shooter Training - Stop The Bleed Training - Workplace Violence - Disaster Planning

Learn early warning signs of aggression and workplace violence prevention techniques

Learn de-escalation best practices when a situation turns violent

Learn how to respond when shots are fired

The Solution is a turn-key crisis management product that includes: Natural Disaster, Medical Events, Safe Travel and Cyber Threats

The Solution includes policies and procedures, a library of computer based training, a web based app and quick reference guides for managers and employees




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