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Video Security- Systems and Service 


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Video Security-Surveillance Systems

 Choosing a video security system in Dallas and Fort Worth doesn’t have to be complicated. Our expert installers can provide video security upgrades, design, new cctv installations, service calls and cleanings. No monthly recurring fees. All of our systems are high definition systems that come with a 5 year replacement warranty. We carry a wide range of video security technology from a few trusted sources to insure we are providing solid solutions to the end user. We provide HD over coax up to 4k, IP solutions, wireless solutions, solar cameras, thermal cameras license plate cameras and only the best in video analytics. 

LP Cameras

Service - New Installations - Design Upgrades

License Plate Cameras

Avigilon’s innovative LightCatcher technology provides the industry’s most effective way to capture evidentiary color detail in extreme low light environments. This new technology helps identify objects of interest more successfully in challenging lighting situations, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, parking lots, and alleys. LightCatcher produces significantly more detail in color by increasing the amount of light and detail captured via the camera and decreasing the noise in the image

Wireless CCTV

Service - New Installations - Design Upgrades

Wireless HD Surveillance Cameras

DNA business security systems feature everything you need to keep your business or office safe from unwanted actions while you are not around. We offer long range wireless video security products. Connect point to point up to 2000ft. We Also provide rugged remote video systems using GSM technolgy for remote internet and cctv to have eyes on locations that are not ideal for video surveillance systems.





Our Promise

Top Customer Service and Support 

We are a video security installation company who take our work seriously, and we do all we can to serve you.This starts from helping you to choose

the right security system for your business needs, right up to providing you with top-notch support once your system is up and running. 




 Well-Trained Team of Technicians 


We also have a well-trained team of Dallas technicians who will install your video security system with professionalism. They will install it paying 

attention to detail, and in a way so that your security system works as good as it can be. If you have any questions, they will gladly draw from their

experience and expertise to answer them for you. 






 Security solutions for warehouse environments, retail, construction, maritime, high rise solutions, schools, oil sites, airports,restaurants, and many

other types of industry. When you do video security installation for your business with us, you’re daling  with a company with 16 years of experience in

the security business. We have served small business and large businesses  alike, and we want to serve you as well. With such experience we know the

right way to install security systems, and we’re  able to give you the required support so your security system operates efficiently.


High Quality Systems 


The systems we install for your business are all high quality systems. They are made of materials built to last. They provide you with crisp imagery.

And they have all the features you need. This includes a special feature that allows you to view your footage anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. 


The Latest Innovation


Do you want the best in video security technology? At Video Security Dallas we pay attention to the latest innovations on the market.

That way you get security systems that are up to date, and you don’t get left behind. 


Affordable Video Security Installation Services


Our video security installation services are available for you at a reasonable price in Dallas. So you get high quality work, from a high quality team of

technicians, installing high quality systems, all at good value for money. 


Give us a call today if you’re ready for a new video security system for your business. Our video security installation team will help you find the right

system for you and install it with professionalism.