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Corporate Workplace Aggression and Active Shooter Seminars Are Now Available at DNA Security Service

DNA Security Services is the parent division of videosecuritydallas.com and it has partnered with Templar Protective Associates to broaden the overall services provided. As a part of that members of each division are certified in creating awareness inside of corporations regarding the potential elevation of a workplace aggression to an actual active shooter event. Most seminars only cover the "what to expect aspects" of these events. Our initial seminar not only covers the "what to expect aspects" with your employees but we also walk through many day to day situational awareness routines and we can evaluate policy and procedures with management to make sure that the necessary verbiage is in place enabling you to obtain an outside firm to look into potential threats.

As an example of that lets just say you have a female employee who is in the process of ending a relationship and the other partner is calling the business continually. Generally the next situation to expect is the partner will show up at the business. We have seen this lead to confrontation many times by other employees and once the situation meets this level there is a great potential for corporate liability. The employee may then feel obligated to reconcile to calm things down for a bit and then we have seen them later show up with bruises, black eyes etc... The problem has not been truly been rectified just elevated and extended. Some would say "this is not the business of the business". We would strongly disagree with that statement because the liability is the "business of the business".

So your next thought is "how do we handle a scenario like this." Several measures can be put into place. Situational awareness with employees within the facility can be taught. Most people do not want to get involved so an anonymous line of communication can be set up to help with information being passed to management. Permissions for ongoing background checks in new hire paperwork and amended employees files can be put in place to obtain information of protective and restraining orders and where they apply. Is the employment address mentioned in the order? Many companies are also hiring firms to engage in open source listening on social media platforms using names, keywords and other phrases to watch for potential unknown and known threats.

Hopefully none of this would ever need to be utilized within your company or department. DNA Security Services can help in decreasing the possibility of escalation through training in awareness and protocol so the employee to does not have to think or avoid. They can just act using learned protocol. Normalcy bias and avoidance are the enemy of righteous action. When you educate and create an "aware" environment within your facilities through ongoing training you are creating a safe environment for employees and closing any potential legal breach points the company may currently have.

If you would like to schedule a seminar contact us at info@dnacctv.com.

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