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Quarterly Camera Cleanings

In the majority of the complaints by customers for a reduction in video quality, a dirty CCTV camera lens is the culprit. Cleaning the camera lens is vital in maintaining the image and video output clarity. A monthly clean-up is more than enough to keep the CCTV camera delivering high-quality output. Cleaning the lens of a CCTV is a fairly easy task too. But if precautions are not taken, one can easily mess up the process!

But don’t worry, you won’t go wrong if you follow the below mentioned easy steps for cleaning your CCTV camera lens.

What you will need:

  • A clean microfiber cloth

  • (Optional) A can of compressed air

  • (Optional) Lens cleaner solution

We are introducing a fast easy way to clean up and clear up the video security cameras at your facility. Wipe away the dust, mud, spider webs,and wasp nest's without lift fee's. We will insure that you have the video quality needed when you need it. High resolution video security does you no good if it is dirty! Don't wait until its to late to implement your cleanings. We offer monthly and quarterly plans for cleanings adjustments. Call for a cleaning 469-520-5999


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