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Threats confronting your business are constantly evolving and increasing in their complexity. Our consultants are skilled at analyzing your current security status to discover gaps, exploitable vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement. Our concrete recommendations for accepting, reducing or transferring risk will also ensure long term profitability of your organization. Our goals are to identify the risks and vulnerabilities that can have a severe impact on your corporation and to ensure regulatory and/or standards compliance.

Our team of Board Certified Security Consultants can assist with:

  • Corporate Security Risk Assessments

  • Demonstrate due diligence, Prioritize and set risk thresholds & Evaluate risk management tactics

  • Executive Risk Assessments & At-Risk Security Profiles

  • Recommend cost-effective solutions to mitigate and prevent security breaches

  • Assessing your current corporate security program and protocols

  • Understand how best to protect your business effectively and ensure profitability

A Security Assessment assists organizations in discovering and evaluating technical, administrative and physical risks. The Security Risk Assessment process is tailored to meet each client’s specific needs and may include:

  • Existing Policies and Procedures and Physical Security Operations

  • Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Security Systems Integration

  • Perimeter Security: Crime Prevention through Environmental Design considerations

  • Emergency Services Response, Capabilities and Liaison

  • Site Hardening Considerations and Crisis Management Plans

  • Financial Operations, IT Infrastructure & Protocol Assessment

  • Residential Security Recommendations for Executives and Stakeholders

  • Active Shooter Scenarios, Response and Countermeasures

  • Workplace Violence Awareness Training and Intervention Services

Philosophy Our philosophy is to provide security assessments and audit services which result in useable, real world solutions for our clients. We understand and are committed to producing deliverables that assist the client. We strive to produce understandable results, solid suggestions, and a roadmap for implementation and compliance. Our client’s expect and receive more than a “technical phone book sized maze of jargon.”

Methodology Our assessment methodology involves observation and inspection of facilities, review of corporate policies, security policies and related documents, and information obtained from interviews of selected management and staff representatives. Notes and photographs are produced in the course of the review. The review findings are evaluated against generally

accepted industry standards and best practices. National standards of care will be used as the basis for findings and recommendations. Our analysis process will allow us to develop an understanding of your business, operating conditions, corporate culture and security risks and threats. While client involvement is crucial to success, our consultants facilitate the assessment every step of the way, keeping the project on track, and making sure all important elements are examined.

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