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Video Security - Access Control Integration

As common and demanding as access control and video security can be, most people overlook the capabilities of the power both systems used in combination in one facility can do for the end user. Some people only think of the basic idea that they need cameras to catch things going on and they want access control to give people access to the work space without giving everyone a key. Simple as that right? Wrong.

Most don’t realize that there are thousands of camera options out there that the smallest difference can make on the outcome the end user is seeking. Resolution of the camera, the viewing angle of the camera, and the size of the camera lens are the 3 most common thought of options for choosing a camera. Reader appearance, credential type (card, finger, fob, etc.), and ease of use seem to be the only pieces most think of when it comes to access control. There’s a lot of back door components that can change the way your access control system works with not just the number of possible devices, but also the software and programming that is available to use.

With proper consultation from an experienced security service provider you should be given all your options up front, which may seem overwhelming, but you will know exactly what you can get from your systems across the board. Most access control systems now days can also double as a time clock as well as security for your work space. Bet you didn’t know that. You can also tie your video security to your access control system so that when a good or bad credential is presented to a reader, the camera closest to that door will pop up as a notification to the computer running the system so immediately you can verify if that person should or shouldn’t be there. You can even attach a map to the program that will pinpoint exactly where that camera and door are located on site so whether a new employee or an old employee there is no question where that camera and door are located.

Faster notifications lead to faster response times, which leads to a more safe and secure work environment for all employees. DNA doesn’t claim to be the best, but we strive to be! Know who you are working with, be confident in who you are working with, and get all the knowledge you can from who you’re working with. We have the knowledge, just ask us.

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