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Cloud Recording What You Need To Know

Multi-Location Cloud Video Surveillance

The Eagle Eye Cloud and video Security Dallas

VMS lets you view multiple locations on-the-go. With a single sign-on, you can view your entire business on your phone, tablet or computer. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS grows with your business. You can easily install our cloud video surveillance at new locations and add unlimited users, with custom permissions, to your account. Software updates are automatically pushed, so you always have the latest and greatest features like motion detection, bandwidth management and more.

How It Works

Enhance your Business with Cloud Video Surveillance

Eagle Eye Networks is ready to help you enhance your business with cloud video surveillance. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is easy to install and can be expanded to new locations as needed. We also offer flexible retention plans, so you can store your video in the Cloud for days, months or years.

Video Surveillance for Schools & Universities

“We were looking for one system that would take care of our elementary, middle, and high school. Eagle Eye Networks is cloud-based, so I can be anywhere and pull up the high-quality footage on my phone. The local police also have access to our video, so if there’s a situation, they can see what’s happening.” - Gary Lewis, District Superintendent (3 Locations)​

Video Surveillance for Restaurant Franchisees

“As a multi-unit operator, I think it’s extremely important to have your eyes and ears in every location. Eagle Eye Networks gave us a great opportunity to do that. We can look in our restaurants at all times, not just for security and safety, but for coaching, training, and teaching. Having our data in the cloud is an enormous help.” - Brent Medders, Domino's Pizza Franchisee (26 Locations)


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