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CCTV Maintenance Agreements

Over the years we have seen that we are in a reactionary industry .Many times customers do not reach out until they have had an issue or a perceived threat. It is very common to have an incident take place in a facility to get a phone call telling us that the clients system failed and they do not have the footage they needed to document the event for evidence or insurance purposes.

We take the phone call and deploy technicians to find that the system has been unplugged or a power supply is dead or unplugged. The customer has not checked in on there system in months and was not aware of the mishap. So. Here is the difficult question. Who is at fault? LOL

At the end of any service call or installation the customer has signed off on all of the work and verified that "all systems are a go". Having said that, a weekly CCTV controls routine needs to be implemented with onsite staff or getting a preventative maintenance agreement with your CCTV vendor is ideal. A system check would include making sure all cameras are recording, active and online. This simple check will minimize downtime and mishaps. I have seen mishaps like these cost over $100,000.00 in losses and downtime. The simplicity of the framework can alleviate a potentially complex issue. Below is some guidance on what we can provide for your facilities in regards to preventative measures and minimizing yearly service costs.

DNA Security Services offers an the most extensive CCTV service contract in our industry. Our qualified expert engineers are on hand to carry out efficient and thorough CCTV scheduled maintenance and servicing monthly. As a part of this package, we offer monthly/quarterly preventative maintenance services to ensure that your video security system is running properly and efficiently. We make sure that all cameras are working and recording. The engineer will check for sufficient recording space on the system’s hard drive. He will do a physical inspection to make sure all the cameras are clean and that there are no obstructions. These check ins can be done weekly or monthly with remote access controls.

You depend on your security system to provide safe and secure premises for your staff and visitors. It makes sense that your system is kept in optimum condition, with 24 hour emergency coverage that you can always count on. Regular servicing will also ensure the maximum component life and result in lower system downtime. You will also save money by avoiding non-contracted hourly rates.

The most effective video security ecosystems are the ones with minimal disruptions. You depend on your security system to provide safe and secure premises for your staff and visitors. So, it makes sense that your system is kept in optimum condition.

As a part of our program, we provide emergency CCTV repairs and labor coverage in the event of component failure. Whether it be weather related, system failure, or vandalism, DNA Security Services has you covered. We provide same day to 48-hour response times, to you up and running in a timely matter. For as little as $149 per month per location you can insure your entire system for labor and device replacement. Call us today for your customized rate! 469-275-9660

Below are some of the coverages offered:

Firmware Upgrades - Camera Cleanings

Camera Replacement

DVR/NVR Replacement

Free Service Calls

Free Footage Retrieval

Investigation- Free Police Liaison for Investigations

Monthly Remote System Checks

Monthly Reports

System Optimization

Unlimited Phone Support


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