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Black Diamond Spot Review-Update

Review Update: After using the Black Diamond headlamp in training and in an event we gave the unit a solid thumbs up. Battery life has been awesome. It survived an 18 hour event with water and sand along with taking a beating. This headlamp has earned its battle stripes!

Here is a bit of information on a Black Diamond Headlamp we will be reviewing. We will get a review back to you in a couple of weeks.

The most popular headlamp for everything from pre-work dawn patrols to late-night rappels after a long day, the Black Diamond Spot Headlamp now features 200 lumens of power in a waterproof package. Featuring PowerTap Technology, easy on-the-fly brightness adjustments are literally at the tip of your fingers. At first touch, the proximity light is illuminated, eliminating the headlamp shuffle when transitioning from camp tasks to low-light activities. With a handy lock mode, the Spot is safe from accidental battery drain while in your pack or pocket.


  • One TriplePower LED, one SinglePower white LED and one SinglePower red LED emits 200 lumens (max setting)

  • PowerTap Technology allows fast and simple transitioning between full and dimmed power in order to instantly increase illumination in distance or proximity modes

  • Red night-vision mode has proximity and strobe settings, and activates without cycling through the white mode

  • Sleek, low profile design uses three AAA batteries and three-level power meter shows remaining battery life for three seconds after switching on headlamp

  • Settings include: full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night vision and lock mode

  • Protected against water immersion down to 1 m (3.3 ft) for 30 minutes (IPX 8)


  • Lumens : 200

  • Weight With Batteries : 90 g (3.2 oz)

  • Max Distances :

  • [TriplePower LED] 80 m

  • [SinglePower LEDs] 10 m

  • Max Burn Time :

  • [TriplePower LED] 200 hours

  • [SinglePower LEDs] 80 hours

  • IPX Rating : 8

  • LED Type : 1 TriplePower, 2 SinglePower (1 white, 1 red)

  • Batteries : 3 AAA (included)

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