Black Diamond Spot Review-Update

Review Update: After using the Black Diamond headlamp in training and in an event we gave the unit a solid thumbs up. Battery life has been awesome. It survived an 18 hour event with water and sand along with taking a beating. This headlamp has earned its battle stripes! Here is a bit of information on a Black Diamond Headlamp we will be reviewing. We will get a review back to you in a couple of weeks. The most popular headlamp for everything from pre-work dawn patrols to late-night rappels after a long day, the Black Diamond Spot Headlamp now features 200 lumens of power in a waterproof package. Featuring PowerTap Technology, easy on-the-fly brightness adjustments are literally at the tip o

Creating One Video Security Platform Company Wide

Many companies across the United States outsource their security needs to different companies in each satellite office across the region. Although, in most cases it is good to have redundancy between your fire system, alarm system and video security, you may want to consider one company and one software platform with your video security.Often companies are on several platforms creating confusion and frustration when regional managers step into the security or IT room. Having one company and software format in Florida another in New York etc.... Managers and staff come and go passwords get lost and years later the solution is just to replace the previous system and the process starts all over

Adaptive IR By Avigilon

License plate cameras over powering headlights. The industries number one problem is now solved with Avigilon lightcatcher technology.

Revolutionary Analytics By Avigilon

In the past, for integrator's and the consumer, analytics have been frustrating to say the least. At DNA we provide many services and train in many areas of security. In all aspects, security is about the details. Whether it is in regards to handling a weapon or all the way down to the the deployment of video security, the finite details are crucial to the end result. In video security the details are in the analytics and video quality. As a video integrator we have spent countless hours in research and development among many different camera types and brands along with their counterpart, the recording device itself. In the last 17 years of video service in the industry we knew what the end

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