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To play back recorded video, we click on the Remote Search button. A time and date search screen opens, where we can pick the exact date and time segment that we want to play back. After we select a time, we click on the Play button, and the Remote Playback screen opens and begins to play back the recorded video. These controls can be used to play the video in forward and reverse and at various speeds.In addition to supporting remote access from Internet Explorer, the DVR also comes with CMS software, which stands for Central Monitoring Software. This allows you to view and manage multiple DVRs at different locations from one central screen.Enabling up to 64 locations.The DNA Digital Mist DV

Why Dealers Should Check In On Outdated IP Security Cameras Before It’s Too Late

Network updates can render older IP cameras useless. Regular check-ins with clients can catch these instances before an incident occurs. In the ever-changing landscape of modern information technology, there’s a possibility that many older generation IP-based security products are being “left behind” for reasons that are not complicated and can be easily corrected. Without proper supervision, clients often discover — unfortunately, but typically, after an incident — that devices such as cameras or alarm systems may have been disconnected from the network and have not been functioning as intended. For example, corporate clients may have thousands of cameras on one or multiple properties runni

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