Top 3 Video Security Cameras 2017

We are often asked what the best types of video security cameras are. Here are the top three types most used in homeland security situations in 2017. ****It is important to point out going into 2018 that more resolution is not always better. In finding a vendor in 2018 for any adds to your current system, make sure the firm is knowledgeable in regards to the negative effects that high resolution may have on your current network. Most firms will create a parallel network for your s ecurity environment but at some point, it will be requested remotely by another network. Being realistic and being aware of the latency/strain that can be caused by large data packets is vital. Some integrators are

Access Control By DNA Security Services

Simplified Design Avigilon™ Access Control Manager (ACM) Embedded Controller™ is an entry-level access control system designed for small- to medium-sized environments with 16 doors or fewer. It uses the HID VertX EVO® V1000 controller with Avigilon factory-installed software and an easy-to-use browser-based application.This design eliminates costly server components, simplifies installation, and enables operators to remotely access the system from virtually any location over the internet. Bundled Kits Bundled kits from Avigilon combine multiple hardware components to produce a single, easy-to-order access system. The streamlined system design ensures that you have the right hardware for the

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