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Revolutionary Analytics By Avigilon

In the past, for integrator's and the consumer, analytics have been frustrating to say the least. At DNA we provide many services and train in many areas of security. In all aspects, security is about the details. Whether it is in regards to handling a weapon or all the way down to the the deployment of video security, the finite details are crucial to the end result.

In video security the details are in the analytics and video quality. As a video integrator we have spent countless hours in research and development among many different camera types and brands along with their counterpart, the recording device itself. In the last 17 years of video service in the industry we knew what the end user needed in the field but in most cases without some manipulation of equipment and trial and error, we could only get the customer about 80% of what they needed. We had been for the most part been left unsatisfied in our efforts to fulfill the customers need.The technology just wasn't there. We've seen specifications that did not match quality, poor durability,sub-par and difficult to use software, slow processing and the list goes on. Until just as recent as 8 months ago we found the BLACK SWANN. Rare but real. We have found two, of hundreds of manufacturers that we can say have made large strides in satisfying the needs of the end user.Of the two only one met every single need. Avigilon. I will say that not all end users need what they offer but if you fall into their category then you are definitely going to get what we call one of the "DAMN FEW". To us this term stands for the ELITE. In all categories. Lighting, weather, analytics, durability, range of view and most importantly their desire as individual's and developers to be the best.

Finally, the search has ended for an Elite level company to partner with in the enterprise and mid-market video security and access control realms. We are completely satisfied with what we have seen and experienced regarding Avigilons technologies and products. We look forward to presenting these products to you in an ongoing manner as newer technologies and equipment evolve and launch.


Understand that any security measure implemented will never be 100%. In our estimation if we can get you to about 90% accuracy with weather, lighting, back up power time determinations and the human element all being a factor, that is a phenomenal range of accuracy. Their are other factors at play in this statistic when choosing a integrator. When upgrading, you should ALWAYS be moved to a higher standard with equipment as well as the level of the integrator's knowledge and capabilities. So when considering an upgrade make sure the provider is not only making progress in technology and analytics but also advances in experience and training. The lack of advancement in these areas can hinder even the best of equipment and analytics.

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