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Top 3 Video Security Cameras 2017

We are often asked what the best types of video security cameras are. Here are the top three types most used in homeland security situations in 2017.

****It is important to point out going into 2018 that more resolution is not always better. In finding a vendor in 2018 for any adds to your current system, make sure the firm is knowledgeable in regards to the negative effects that high resolution may have on your current network. Most firms will create a parallel network for your s

ecurity environment but at some point, it will be requested remotely by another network. Being realistic and being aware of the latency/strain that can be caused by large data packets is vital. Some integrators are more excited to sell you the latest greatest High Resolution cameras rather than making sure the network capabilities are sufficient.

1. IP High Definition Mega Pixel

4 Megapixel Security Cameras are network based surveillance cameras that provide video resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels over a digital signal using CAT5e/CAT6 or coaxial cabling. If you need video resolution greater than 720P or 1080p, then we suggest you consider these IP/Coaxial based cameras because of their affordability and performance. Although the difference in picture size in pixels between 2 Megapixels and 4MP is minute, using a IP camera with 4 megapixel resolution in certain daytime applications can make a noticeable difference. 4MP IP /Coaxial Cameras are among the highest suggested resolution megapixel cameras on the market that the US Networks and Data Networks can handle, and are quickly becoming more affordable.

2. Avigilon Light Cather Technology

Avigilon (TSX:AVO), a leader in high-definition (HD) and megapixel video surveillance solutions, today introduced LightCatcher™ technology to its camera line-up. Avigilon’s innovative LightCatcher technology provides the industry’s most effective way to capture evidentiary color detail in extreme low-light environments. This new technology helps identify objects of interest more successfully in challenging lighting situations, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, parking lots, and alleys. “Capturing clear, color detail is important where security is a concern, regardless of lighting conditions. Being able to identify the color of a vehicle or the clothing of a suspect can be the difference in an investigation,” said Ian Povey, director of product marketing and management at Avigilon. “With the introduction of our innovative LightCatcher technology, we continue our commitment to bring the best evidence to the industry.” By increasing the amount of light and detail captured via the camera and decreasing the noise in the image, LightCatcher technology produces significantly more detail in color from a low-light scene than any other technology. This combination results in the ability to identify objects of interest more effectively.

3. 2 Mega Pixel TVI Over Coax

Although HD-TVI is able to do 720P and 1080P, we expect HD-TVI to replace traditional analog cameras, not HD IP cameras. IP cameras are still going to be the most versatile, best performing cameras on the market. Because they have their own processors and IP addresses, you will still be able to do video analytics like motion detection and intruder alert emails, have easy to use settings that can be changed with any web browser, will still be able to communicate with other digital devices, and will still have the easiest installation (no power distribution boxes necessary and no need for an electrician - just one cable to clip into place for power video and for auto-configuring the network).HD-TVI is backwards compatible, unlike HD-SDI, so you will still be able to connect traditional analog cameras. If you are considering HD-SDI or HD-CVI, we think the best bet is to look at IP cameras or wait for TVI.

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