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CradlePoint Routers: Security on a Cellular Level

Your Business is out in the neck of the woods where broadband connectivity is sketchy or non-existent and Fiber is simply out of the question. So what do you do? You call DNA Security Services ofcourse! We will install and help you maintain a reliable and secure network solution to support your security systems. One such solution gaining prominence is CradlePoint routers. Designed with advanced features and robust capabilities, CradlePoint routers offer a powerful and flexible option for businesses looking to strengthen their security infrastructure no matter the location. If you are planning a new build too far away to be connected by a secured broadband landline read more about this awesome equipment we can install for you ASAP!


CradlePoint Routers are an excellent choice for business security systems, providing the reliability, scalability, and performance necessary to safeguard your assets effectively.

Unparalleled Connectivity: When it comes to security systems, uninterrupted connectivity is critical. CradlePoint routers excel in providing reliable and robust connectivity, ensuring that your security devices, such as cameras, access control systems, and alarms, remain connected without interruption. CradlePoint's advanced wireless technology, including 4G LTE and 5G capabilities, enables secure and high-speed connections, even in areas with limited wired infrastructure. With CradlePoint routers, you can establish a resilient and always-on connection, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your security system.

Secure Network Segmentation: Business security systems often require the segregation of networks to prevent unauthorized access and potential security breaches. CradlePoint routers offer advanced network segmentation features, allowing you to create separate networks for your security devices, administrative functions, and guest access. This segregation enhances security by isolating critical security components and restricting access to sensitive information. With CradlePoint routers, you can establish a secure and controlled network environment, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring the integrity of your security infrastructure.

Flexible Deployment Options: Businesses have diverse security needs, and CradlePoint routers offer flexible deployment options to accommodate various environments. Whether your security systems are located in a single office, spread across multiple locations, or require mobile connectivity, CradlePoint routers can adapt to your specific requirements. With their compact and rugged design, CradlePoint routers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor deployments, ensuring seamless connectivity and protection across your business premises. This flexibility allows you to extend your security coverage and adapt to changing security demands effortlessly.

Centralized Management and Monitoring: Efficient management and monitoring of your security systems are crucial for ensuring their optimal performance. CradlePoint routers provide centralized management capabilities, allowing you to monitor and control your network from a single interface. Through intuitive management tools, you can easily configure security settings, monitor network traffic, and receive real-time alerts for potential security threats. This centralized management approach simplifies network administration, improves troubleshooting efficiency, and enhances your overall security system management.

Scalability and Future-Proofing: As your business grows and security needs evolve, scalability and future-proofing become key considerations. CradlePoint routers offer scalability options that allow you to expand your network seamlessly. Whether you need to add more security devices or accommodate a growing workforce, CradlePoint routers can adapt to your changing requirements. Furthermore, CradlePoint stays at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that their routers support the latest security protocols and emerging technologies. With CradlePoint routers, you can future-proof your business security systems and invest in a solution that will grow alongside your organization.

When it comes to business security systems, CradlePoint routers provide a powerful and reliable networking solution. With their unparalleled connectivity, secure network segmentation, flexible deployment options, centralized management, and scalability, CradlePoint routers empower businesses to enhance their security infrastructure and protect their valuable assets. By choosing CradlePoint routers, you invest in a solution that combines robust performance with advanced security features, enabling you to establish a comprehensive and resilient security ecosystem.

Elevate your business security with CradlePoint routers and experience the peace of mind that comes with a secure and connected environment.


Partner with us and unlock the benefits of 20+ years of experience,

swift response time, and unmatched customer service.


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