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Person Of Interest Notifications

Person of Interest notifications allow you to receive a notification whenever your cameras detect a specific face that you upload or choose. Users can also click on the Face Search tab to see thumbnails of people seen in frame. Clicking on a thumbnail finds all matches for that face, sorted by date. Snapshots can be downloaded using the icon, or clicking on the thumbnail will load the original video. Powerfully, users can upload their own image or use the phone’s camera to find a person of interest in that camera’s history. These uploads can be done globally to any of your facilities.

An example of this may be that you've had person who has entered a facility and acted in a suspicious manner. You can re-upload any images captured in your system to a specific group of cameras. If the subject enters the (FOV) field of view in any of the appointed areas, the SMS and email notifications will alert designated individuals of the person of interest breach.

Historically, finding a person required sifting through dozens or hundreds of hours of video footage. With DNA Video Security and Verkada’s People Analytics, users can dramatically reduce the time for these investigations by searching for people across their network of Verkada cameras based on characteristics like clothing color, gender, or even a face. Speed, timing and the efficiency of gathering data remains crucial to mitigating losses, preventing future losses and to the removal of threats at your facilities.

At DNA Video Security we are constantly looking for blind spots and ways to increase the efficiency of hunting threats and losses. Automated notifications and artificial intelligence are helping us in creating protocols to better serve your facilities and bottom line. No one system is the end all be all. We are constantly evolving and integrating the best systems to create solid protocols and hunting techniques to harden any facility we touch. If you would like to see a demo of the Verkada product and the Person Of Interest feature please reach out to us at 469-275-9660.


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