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Thermal Imaging Solutions

Objects invisible to the naked eye are no match for its power of detection.

Thermal Imaging is a type of technology used to provide an end user a swift, precise visual of energy emitted from an object. This is managed using heat sensing and self-learning video analytics.

Thermal technology detects an object’s heat, calculates its temperature, then generates an image with clear, vibrant color.

Temperature Prescreening: Kiosk Cameras

Temperature is a physical quantity that expresses hot and cold. Previously, we mentioned that thermal imaging uses self-learning analytics to detect the temperature of an object.

So, can you use thermal imaging to detect a fever?

Of course! In fact, our portable kiosk cameras are designed specifically for that reason. This camera’s capabilities are so advanced that you can detect the slightest of elevated temperatures within 0.2 seconds. (Up to 30 people at once)

Our software is designed to be target specific for areas to detect elevated temperature such as the forehead to keep Covid risk low.

In terms of temperature screening, thermal cameras do not detect or diagnose illnesses. They do, however, identify anyone with a higher than normal skin temperature, which may be indicative of an illness or contagious disease.

You also get real time audio notifications for temperatures detected above or below your desired range. This solution is best for facilities with high traffic or those who prescreen for Covid regularly.

Mask Detection

We know that the proper use of face masks has proven to be an effective measure in keeping infection rates from rising again.

Our Mask Detection technology provides effective monitoring and can accurately detect objects in the camera’s field of view, classify them as humans and provide real-time responses, to ensure that health and safety regulations are met.

This feature relies on AI-enabled video analytics and specially placed security cameras to determine when an individual is not wearing a face mask within an establishment.

Once the feature detects an individual is in violation, this prompts an automated, real-time alert.

Cloud-based reporting also displays face mask violations to show the times and camera location in the format of timeline histograms outlining where violations are most prevalent.

Perimeter Protection

Thermal Imaging creates an additional barrier of protection for objects that cannot be seen over a further distance.

This solution makes it easier to spot objects in dark or poor lit areas. Since thermal technology only requires the heat emitted from an object to generate an image; lighting is never an issue.

Majority of professionals committed to keeping individuals safe, use thermographic cameras.

Some professionals such as firefighters use thermal cameras to locate danger and to search for victims in efforts to rescue them. Other law enforcement such as policeman or criminal investigators use thermal cameras/imaging to locate intruders hiding in the night.

Overall, Thermal Imaging is ideal for any facility, no matter how big or small and requires minimal space to execute scans. Perfect for lobbies, hallways and other key access points. Universally applicable in manufacturing, government, healthcare, education, hospitality and general business facilities.


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