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Thermal Solutions

Perimeter Protection

Thermal Imaging creates a barrier of protection for objects that cannot be seen over a further distance.

It is suited to operate in changing light conditions, total darkness, and other challenging weather conditions such as rain, fog, or snow. Since thermal technology only requires the heat emitted from an object to generate an image; lighting is never an issue.

Thermal cameras can provide the perfect platform on which to build more effective, 24/7 perimeter surveillance systems.

Majority of professionals committed to keeping individuals safe, use thermographic cameras. Some professionals such as firefighters use thermal cameras to locate danger and to search for victims in efforts to rescue them. Other law enforcement such as policeman or criminal investigators use thermal cameras/imaging to locate intruders hiding in the night.

That makes objects invisible to the naked eye no match for its power of detection. Thermal Imaging is ideal for any facility, no matter how big or small and requires minimal space to execute scans. Universally applicable in manufacturing, government, healthcare, education, hospitality, and general business facilities.


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